Statutory Maintenance Compliance

Is your asset maintenance compliant with statutory requirements?

Standards and Codes of Practice, State and Federal Legislation and Regulation

There are numerous requirements for asset maintenance and certification at the State and Federal level that you need to comply with. Often there are heavy penalties and consequences for non-compliance, including your licence to operate in certain industries. The main reason you need to comply is your duty of care. These regulatory frameworks are there to protect people, members of the public and employees alike. Each state has its own legislative and regulatory frameworks. In most cases the regulations will call on Australian/New Zealand Standards, International Standards and other Codes of Practice for asset maintenance, design and installation. There are inherit benefits to performing maintenance as per industry standards, as these are generally the body of knowledge for industry and specific asset types and will generally provide good or best practice methods to maintaining your asset types. Over the years your change management processes may not have kept up to date with these requirements and you may not be fully compliant. Compliance is also more challenging for operations that span across multiple states and territories nationally as well as internationally.

People and process

We have the capability to perform a compliance assessment based on your asset types quickly and efficiently utilising our PM Sure software. Our software contains a database of legislative, regulatory, standard and codes of practice requirements for hundreds of asset types as well as preventive maintenance strategies and procedures (job plans) aligned with these requirements. This database is kept up to date on an ongoing basis and every time we perform a compliance assessment we research any changes in legislation, regulation, standards and codes of practice at the time of the assessment to ensure that the information is current and updated.

So how does it work and what do you get?

Transmit your current asset types and maintenance procedures (task lists)

We will work with you to extract the required information from your asset management information system and transmit the data to us via our secured online data transfer service. We have experience and knowledge of data structures for most contemporary EAM, CMMS, ERP systems (e.g. MAXIMO, SAP, MAINPAC, MEX).

Asset type classification

If your asset information does not have an asset type classification schema, we will create one or allocate a standards classification schema for the purposes of the compliance assessment. We can also create an appropriate asset type classification master data standard for you that will standardise the approach to capturing asset data information for your assets.

Statutory compliance assessment and gap report

We will perform the following assessment and provide a comprehensive gap report of your statutory compliance:

  • We will perform a review of the equipment types in your portfolio and identify those which have Statutory maintenance requirements.
  • We will perform a review of service frequencies against any existing standards and codes of practice, legislation and regulation, for each asset type.
  • We will perform a review of your current task lists to confirm that they comply with the current Australian Standards and codes of practice.
  • We will identify any required changes to the task lists to ensure compliance with existing Australian Standard and legislation.

Provide compliant preventive maintenance procedures (task lists)

We will provide you with fully compliant preventive maintenance procedures where we identified compliance gaps in maintenance frequency and or task list.

PM procedures (task lists) information system data upload

We will export the PM procedure (task list) data for upload by your IT department. In past projects, we work with the IT department and their bulk upload tools or spreadsheets and export the data to fit with their existing processes. Covaris has experience with most contemporary EAM, CMMS, ERP systems (e.g. MAXIMO, SAP, MAINPAC, MEX) and can also assist in the upload if required.