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Linked closely with power generation but very diverse in its needs, Covaris has a rich history in Transmission and Distribution. This industry has made a decisive shift to pure Asset Management thinking which has resulted in the development of condition-based asset management planning. Unlike most industries, Power Distribution and Transmission have slow degradation rates in their asset baseline.

However, the environmental conditions can have a significant variance to the degradation curve when comparing “like for like” across the asset fleet. Hence, condition-based decision making must be backed up by not only accurate data (such as condition monitoring, smart meter data etc), but it must also be supported by a mature process which gathers this information through good work management processes.


Our Services

Receive advice on gap analysis and improvement, asset management planning and systems implementation.

Get strategic analyses on asset data, asset reliability, maintenance effectiveness and work management.

Improve your register development, preventative maintenance compliance, work management.

Gain a deeper understanding of asset reliability, shutdown management and more.

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