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Increasingly we are seeing significant shift in the governance required of government agencies regarding data required to validate budget approval for capital expenditure and transparency in forward maintenance and renewal cost tracking.

Investment in new infrastructure is increasingly being made with the expectation that a whole of lifecycle asset management plan exists that will ensure maintenance planning is delivered using a recognised best practice methodology.

ISO 55001 is the International Standard for Asset Management that provides the framework for asset management that links how agencies will deliver the government service objectives through:

  1. a standardised quality-based asset management approach (documented in the agency’s Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) ) ;
  2. long term planning for best value infrastructure interventions to meet service demands (documented in the agency’s Strategic Asset Management Plan (AMP) ); and
  3. consistent processes for delivery of infrastructure interventions that are planned long term (documented in agency, policy, process, procedures, tools and templates)

ISO 55001 also provides the framework for auditing and continual improvement of asset management. Covaris has undertaken numerous maturity assessments for government agencies to the ISO 55001 standard and provide a formalised improvement plan, roadmap and capability for implementation of asset management improvement.

Covaris has extensive experience in assisting Government Agencies in this field and ensuring activities are being undertake that are consistent, repeatable and sustainable and as such, meeting respective treasury expectations and frameworks.


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Receive advice on gap analysis and improvement, asset management planning and systems implementation.

Get strategic analyses on asset data, asset reliability, maintenance effectiveness and work management.

Improve your register development, preventative maintenance compliance, work management.

Gain a deeper understanding of asset reliability, shutdown management and more.

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