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The most cost-effective asset management is a proactive, predictive approach with long-range planning aligned with business objectives, risk appetite and budget.

We provide value to our customers through:

  • Implementation of ISO 55001 Asset Management Approach ensuring consistent, value driven quality process for Asset Management.
    • Drive out waste and cost from inefficient practices
  • Managing risk, cost and performance
    • Long-term asset management planning, driving funding submissions though cost vs risk vs performance transparency
    • Implementing best practice work management practice to drive value in ensuring the right work is being done at the right time
    • Implementing asset information systems to ensure we capture valuable asset information to assist in planning and driving out waste and cost.
  • Driving value from your contractors
    • Ensuring appropriate Maintenance and Compliance regime is in place
    • Generating maximum value driven by best practice maintenance service agreements.
  • Improvement Through Asset Data Analysis
    • We analyse your data and provide you with insight and actionable improvement opportunities to reduce cost by improving efficiency and work management, increasing asset reliability and asset life, optimising your maintenance strategy, measuring and improving contractor performance and enabling long term planning and cost modelling.


Our Services

Receive advice on gap analysis and improvement, asset management planning and systems implementation.

Get strategic analyses on asset data, asset reliability, maintenance effectiveness and work management.

Improve your register development, preventative maintenance compliance, work management.

Gain a deeper understanding of asset reliability, shutdown management and more.

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