Shutdown Management Training Course

Shutdown Management Training Course is a two day interactive course which has been developed from 10+ years of practical experience in implementation of shutdown management methodology as well as assisting teams in management of  large complex shutdown events.

The Shutdown Management Training Course is delivered to present a practical end-to-end shutdown management process that has been proven to work though practical implementation across numerous organisations and industries.

The training course is delivered to assist shutdown management teams, planners, managers, schedulers, supervisors ,operators, operators, supply officers, engineers and other stakeholders to understand all the end-to end activities required with the delivery of successful shutdowns and turnarounds. Improved shutdown delivery methods, when underpinned by sustainable shutdown processes and procedures, will yield substantial savings associated with:

  • Extended shutdown intervals developed by the definition of section asset shutdown determinants;
  • Value for money shutdowns, using  risk vs cost vs performance approach to shutdown scope management;
  • Resource optimsiation by the application of sound scheduling techniques incorporating critical path analysis;
  • Control of shutdown durations and the minimisation of overruns through improved planning, scheduling, management structures and allocation of responsibilities; and
  • Improved maintenance and reliability practices and work method efficiency.

Shutdown Management Training Course Goals

The goals for the attendees of the Shutdown Management Training Course are:

  • Implementation of a detailed shutdown process that is managed as a standard consistently taken up by all departments;
  • Specification of roles and responsibilities for executing the activities defined in the shutdown process, including the roles to manage, plan, schedule, and execute shutdowns and the personnel capability required for these roles;
  • Specification of the operational mechanisms (meeting schedules, format, objectives, and timing) needed to drive the process flow and interactions;
  • Explanation of the governance process and rules to make sure shutdown process is effective and efficient; and
  • Performance metrics and efficient control mechanisms to monitor shutdown effectiveness.

Shutdown Management Training Course Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for the Shutdown Management Training Course are:

  • The establishment & application of sound shutdown processes;
  • The application of asset reliability methods in a whole of life scenario;
  • An integrated approach (Maintenance, Production, Project, Safety);
  • Risk processes for reviewing pre-determined shut parameters;
  • Increasing planned and unplanned shutdown intervals;
  • Decreasing planned and unplanned shutdown durations; and
  • Control of shut overruns,

Shutdown Management Training Course Expectations

The participant is expected to:

  • Review with other stakeholders the performance of recent shutdowns and the timeliness of the return to service;
  • Seek out and obtain measurements used by their company (if any) which measures how well their shutdown schedule targets are being met;
  • Understand whether or not shutdowns have delivered their intended outcomes in terms of safe and reliable operations;
  • Assess the gap between budget and total expenditure of recent shutdowns; and
  • Consider whether or not teams are working well together in an integrated approach to shutdowns.

Shutdown Management Training Course Learning Materials

Materials provided include:

  • Pre-course questionnaire which will allow some tailoring of the delivery to the participants’ backgrounds and specific needs;
    Comprehensive reference manual and explanatory slides; and
  • Interactive team sessions leading to material developed by the participants, which is documented and provided back as a course report.
    The course report should assist individuals focus on priority improvements which they can take back to the work place.

The pre-course questionnaire is designed for the participant to discuss with their supervisor so that they come to the course prepared to address specific day-to-day issues and find solutions they can apply back in their own work place.

The reference manual will provide a long-term benefit as a source of practical advice covering all aspects of Shutdown Management.

Shutdown Management Training Course Outline

The learning modules for the course are shown below.

Establishing the Shutdown

  • Asset Management Plan – Shutdowns (Portfolio)
  • Shutdown Initiation
  • Establish the Steering Committee
  • Appoint the Shutdown Manager
  • Review the Shutdown Drivers
  • Review Past Shutdowns (Continuous Improvement)
  • Establish Shutdown Objectives
  • Formulate Preparation Plan

Develop the Shutdown Organisation

  • Planning and Scheduling Team
  • Projects Management
  • Works Delivery Team
  • Logistics Team
  • Materials Team
  • Safety Management
  • Technical Engineering and QA
  • Production / Operations Management

Shutdown Control Procedures

  • Establish Information Systems Strategy
  • Establish Control Documents
  • Establish Communication Plan
  • Establish Registers
  • Establish Document Management System
  • Auditing framework (Progress monitoring)


  • Kick Off Meeting
  • Generate the Scope of Work
  • Approved Capital Project Work Orders
  • Corrective and Proactive Work Orders
  • Non – Running Preventive Maintenance Work
  • Provisional Scope of Work
  • Provisional Scope of Work Budget Estimate

Detailed Work Planning

  • Categorise work
  • Plan Internal Resources Work
  • Contractor Planned Package Work


  • Work Integration Analysis
  • Header Level
  • Long Lead Procurement
  • Pre Shutdown Work
  • Contracting
  • Run Down / Run Up
  • Isolations Planning

Delivering Work

  • Work Pack Issue
  • Isolations Management
  • Work Pack Return
  • Adjust Shutdown Schedule
  • Shutdown Timetable Change
  • Emergent Work
  • Track Shutdown Progress
  • Daily Meeting Schedule
  • Commissioning

Close-out of Shutdown

  • Shutdown Close-out Program
  • Finalise Commercial Arrangements
  • Finalise Technical Data
  • Specification of Further Work
  • Documentation
  • Post-shut Review