Fundamentals of Work Management Training Course

Work Management Training Course Outline

The learning modules for the course are shown below.

Work Management and the Business Imperatives

  • Business objectives and the maintenance strategy
  • Annual and monthly budget controls
  • Work flow – defining all of the processes
  • Stakeholders
  • Performance measurement and continuous improvement

Identifying Work

  • Nature of work and what initiates it
  • Specify new work and user priorities
  • Approval of work – technical and commercial approval
  • Back log and risk reporting

Maintenance Planning

  • Initial Estimation and the Forward Log
  • Scoping: Interface between the Supervisor and the Planner
  • Detailed Planning and using the Work Management System
  • Specifying materials, resources, tools etc
  • Requirements of a Work Order

Maintenance Scheduling and Dispatch

  • Forecasting and committing the PM schedule
  • Using the Forward Log and resource balancing
  • Opportunistic work
  • Handling work not done
  • Standard meetings and work dispatch

Maintenance Work Execution

  • Coordinating work and work site access
  • Monitoring the work site and technical support to the team
  • Handling urgent and emergency work
  • Work order close out
  • Financial reconciliation

Spares Management

  • Supply management processes
  • Catalogue and inventory
  • Stock control
  • Staging parts
  • Goods issues and returns

Transition from Breakdown Maintenance

  • Managing change
  • Establishing the plant listing
  • Statutory obligations
  • Job plans
  • PM schedules

Performance Assessment and Measurement

  • KPIs
  • Response to KPIs
  • Auditing
  • Management reporting and strategy improvement