Delivering Asset Management

Course Outline

The learning modules for the course are shown below.

The Application of Asset Management

  • Aligning Asset Management with Work Delivery
  • Defining Continuous Improvement for Assets
  • Interpreting the Asset Management Standards
  • Engagement with Senior Management

Understanding the Organisation

  • Working with Multiple Teams work to Deliver Asset Management
  • Roles and Team Interfaces
  • Results when Essential Functions are Missing
  • Applying Policy and Strategy to People

Specifying Asset Management Strategy

  • Defining the Asset Management Strategy
  • Asset Management Objectives which are SMART
  • Details of assets, their Design and Operational Requirements
  • Applying Strategy
  • Measuring the Performance of the Asset Management Strategy

Using Asset Management Plans

  • Risk Management
  • Measuring Risk in the Assets
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Forming Proposals of Work and Portfolio Management
  • Avoiding Backlog in the Asset Management Plan

Condition Assessments, Life Cycle Costs and Capital PLan

  • Understanding Life Cycle Costs
  • Requirements for Condition Assessments for Critical Assets
  • Inspecting Assets and Adjusting Life Forecasts
  • Generating the Capital Plan
  • Technical Change Management

Feasibility Studies, Commissioning and Life Cycle Implications

  • Specifications for the Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Life Cycle Implications of the Feasibility Study
  • Requirements for Manufacturing and Construction Quality
  • Commissioning Assets

Operations, Maintenance and Reliability

  • Life Cycle Management of In-Service Assets
  • Avoiding Early Retirement and Unnecessary Waste
  • Using Information Inform Asset Management Decision Making
  • Tailoring Reliability Support for Decision Making
  • Cultural implications of ISO 55000

Continual Improvement in Asset Management

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Measuring Improvement over the Long Term
  • Internal Auditing
  • Performance Measurement
  • Reporting to Senior Management