Delivering Asset Management

Course Outline

The learning modules for the course are shown below.

The Application of Asset Management

  • Corporate Objectives and the External Environment
  • Defining the AMS
  • The Integrated Management System
  • Senior Management and Policy

Understanding the Organisation

  • End to End Work Flow Process
  • Service Levels
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Training and Competency
  • Contractor Management
  • Asset Information Systems

Specifying Asset Management Strategy

  • Defining the Asset Management Strategy
  • Asset Management Objectives
  • Understanding the Asset Portfolio
  • Asset Information System

Asset Planning

  • Risk Management
  • Asset Management Plan (AMP)
  • Planning and Workflow

Life Cycle Management and the Capital Plan

  • Understanding Life Cycle Processes
  • Generating the Capital Plan
  • Technical Change Management

Operational Readiness, Commissioning and Life Cycle Implications

  • Specifications for the Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Life Cycle Implications of the Feasibility Study
  • Requirements for Manufacturing and Construction Quality
  • Commissioning Assets

In-service Support, Maintenance and Reliability

  • Maintenance Strategy
  • Work Management Process
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring Framework
  • Reliability and Improvement

Continual Improvement in Asset Management

  • Performance Measurement
  • Internal Auditing
  • Management of Nonconformity
  • Continual Improvement Plan