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What We Do

Covaris is a specialist asset management engineering consulting group with a strong background in facilities management, mining and processing plant, and utilities (eg power, water …).

The company was formed in 2000 and has served blue chip clients throughout Australia/NZ, SE Asia and Europe. Covaris services are divided into three primary functions:

  • Asset management and maintenance/reliability services;
  • Technology systems/database development; and
  • Education/change management of work forces.

Underpinning Covaris is one of the world’s most innovative research and development efforts in asset management, developing leading edge methods to solve intractable problems. We have a proven track record of company performance turnaround and development of large teams leading to step changes in their corporate KPI performance.

The unique and powerful Watchfire service is a world first in converting thousands of sterile, seemingly poor quality work records into insightful cost and risk information, which can form the basis of a large company asset management plan.

Covaris delivers Asset Criticality, Weibull, Crow AMSAA, FMEA, RBD, RCM, Fault Tree analyses and can tailor specialist services in capital replacement optimisation, spares holding optimisation and other applications. With the data management resources made possible by Watchfire, these services are lifted to world leading edge capability.

Covaris is at the forefront of international work delivering ISO 55000 (emergent) asset management capability with advanced tools in asset management planning and development of all of company asset management strategies.

Covaris 40+20 Work Management training and change delivery as well as Operator-Driven Reliability are leading examples of our ability to change large teams (>100-200 people) and deliver all of company improvement in maintenance and reliability. These courses are based on sound doctrine which has been developed over many years and is communicated in proven documentation, training, organisational design, KPI measurement and auditing processes.

Who We Are

Dr Bob Platfoot

Principal and Managing Director

Bob is the Principal and primary responsible for executive management, product development and advanced services consulting.

His primary expertise is in maintenance engineering, assets management strategy, and life assessment. Bob has been responsible for company transformations leading to sustainable improvement in asset management.

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Dr Seyed Safi

Program Manager, Services

Safi leads the services team in maintenance engineering, PM development, reliability services, systems implementation and general consulting. 

His primary expertise is the establishment of companywide maintenance systems and ensure reliability lifts as a result of its implementation. Safi’s team offer extensive professional services in asset reliability improvement.

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Mr Andrew Banks

Program Manager, Technology

Andrew leads the Asset Management portfolio within Covaris, supporting organisations in the practical application of asset management.

Andrew has significant business process and organisational strategic planning, whilst also being a though leader on the design and implementation of of ERP solutions including SAP. Andrew’s team deliver capability to improve the use of information for decision making in asset management.

Andrew is a Certified Asset Management Assessor with WPiAM

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Mr Peter Durrant

Program Manager Education & Change Management

Peter leads the education services of Covaris, delivering both public and in-house courses in maintenance, asset management, reliability and operator-driven reliability. He is also responsible for the change management delivery whereby education and in-house coaching will transform asset management teams.  

His primary expertise is people development, change management and company transformation.

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